The story of a fight for human rights - The red rose
  • 4 years in love relationship
  • Tamara cannot get the visa as official partner/fiancé
  • I cannot get married because in Italy divorce can take more than 4 years!
  • All around the world to meet each other
  • As italian citizen without the right to live freely together with whoever I want
May 2006: A story of a fight for love and human rights. A 1.300 km, two day journey to take a rose to Tamara from Italy till Serbia, on my Honda Transalp 650. A journey facing natural elements (wind, rain, fog ...) where result may not always be what one expects! An adventure very similar to the procedure required to get a touristic visa by way of a letter of presentation/invitation .. a big question mark !!

The idea about the trip - One red rose for Tamara crossing the Schengen borders

I got the idea for the trip with the aim to spread the sad stories of around 20.000 Italians per years who have a sentimental relationship with extracomunitarian partner. As an italian citizen I feel discriminated against with respect to other Italians who are free to live together without being pushed into getting married. This is a fight for human rights !

In Viaggio Per Tamara
The story of a fight for love and human rights
The red rose and the Honda Transalp
Because an un-married couple is not officially recognized, those who have a sentimental relationship with an extracomunitarian partner are under discrimination. The relationship depends on a turist visa which permits a 90 day entry per year into Italy for the extracomunitarian citizen.
What is the problem
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Open letters for President and Minister of Italian Repubblic

Ale and Tam in Mostar
You may say Im a dreamer, but Im not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will live as one. Written by: John Lennon © Bag productions inc
Anything that does not kill me makes me stronger !
Giuseppe Garibaldi and Anita another couple made by components from different countries. If such couples exist why to make their life so difficult ?
The couple Giuseppe and Anita - a fight for human rights
Regards to Mr. Capitanelli (ex manager of italian visa office in Belgrade). Tell us where you are, we will send you a postcard from Italy!

Kosovo is serbian territory
Since Dec 2009 Serbia doesn't need visa for Europe anymore!
La battaglia di una coppia mista - Lupo solitario
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