Letter to WHOM-I-KNOW
Dear Mr. Who-I-Know,
all the obstinacies have an end.
All the things coming from prejudices have an end.
All the malices have a follow on that will determine the end.

To have the possibility to influence the life of others is giving a feeling of power appreciated by whom is having personal problems.
To decide, to discriminate and to make people suffer give pleasure just to whom is not having the capacity to judge with windsom.
In this case should prevail a good sense of self criticism that must be able to suggest to leave such position of power. But this one never happens because others are the rules of the game!

Dear Who-I-Know the history should show to you that at the end all the totalitarian regimes have been demolished by those persons they made suffer.
This one also because the all pains have borders and who made them doesn't know till when he can push it.
In other words who has the power to makes other suffer makes whom in the future will demolish him.
This one the history show us.

People has the capacity to join together, to organize, to work together and such behaviour is bigger when there is something on unjustice and wicked to fight.
So, dear Who-I-know is just a matter of time and I have it! We have it ! We are a lot of and you pass our borders.
All of us are sure that our problems will be solved if we fight, we don't accept a "status quo".
We are not done to accept a "status quo".

Dear Who-I-know you will be part of the history that WE will write.
We will live happy with our partners in a country that will be differemt and where a role like yours will be without any meaning.
Pleased to meet you, and pleased to put you apart in the future.

I didn't forget about you ... today it is 3. August 2006 ... be prepared now it is your turn !!!!

My Best Regards

Alessandro "The one of the Red Rose for Tamara"
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