Human rights - Open Letter for the Italian President by Tamara and Alessandro
Versione Italiana
Dear Mr. President,
who is writing to you is an italian citizen feeling himself without the personal freedom and under discrimination.

Who is writing to you is confused because on one side he is reading that Italy is a free and democratic country and on the other side the life he is living is completely different!

The problem is that I am not the only one without freedom, someone is writing that we are around 20.000 per year.

I am an italian citizen having a  sentimental relationship with a extracomunitarian citizen since 4 years.

Our meeting are depending from the visa regime that is still not able to recognize a "fiance status" or "pair de facto". Someone is asking to me "Why you are not getting married?". I am replying that in Italy to get divorce you need 3 or 4 years and I am coming from a separation without agreement (4 years). So the answer is: "I would like but I cannot".

I hope you red about my personal demonstration of these days to show to the people the difficulties we are having to meet "our extracomunitarian half".

My girlfriend is living in Serbia and I brought her a red rose driving my motocycle for 1.300 km starting from Rome in two days. I did it because to have a visa to meet my partner is having the same difficulties, risks and dangers as well as a trip on motocycle.

You can find all the information on my internet site and I was on RAI3 TV News, Repubblica/Metropoli articles, Corriere della Sera, radio interview on Radio Popolare, Radio Cittą Aperta, Radio Radicale, ANSA, l'Unitą e National Serbian TV RTS-1 (I hope I didn't forget others).

The trip was not so heavy under the physical point of view. I didn't know how many power can give the wish to fight to have our freedom back.
The freedom to live with the person we love.

With the actual visa regime you are pushing us to lie because we are able to ask just for "touristic visa" or to employ our partner. All of these requests are putting us in condition to receive a prosecution for "illegal immigration" because are faked declarations.

Me and my girlfriend we are 45 and 46 years old, we are near to be 50 and I don't know till when I will be able to drive my motocycle for 1300 km in 2 days. But if necessary I will do it again till when I will fill myself free again.

Please Mr. President, help me, my partner and the 20.000 italians per year to have an happy and serene life with our partners

Help us to find the same freedom and serene life that other italians pair are having.
Help us to don't feel ourself under discrimination.

Thanks very much for your attention

Best regards
Alessandro Arbitrio e Tamara

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