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The story of a fight for love and human rights: Open Letter by Tamara and Alessandro
The story of a fight for love and human rights: Open letter by Tamara and Alessandro what we feel ...
The loneliness and the injustice are the two fundamentals ruling the sentimental relationships that thousands of italians are having with extracomunitarian citizens.

Our meeting are ruled by the discretionality of the italian embassies that rarely are helping us.
We can love each other but we cannot live together if we are not married.
Other italian laws are also working against us. To be free to get married after a previous marriage in Italy you need years, too many years (more than 4 years in my case).
In this way you can pass years of hell with a strong and honest love but full of humiliations and injustices.
Against this hell you cannot do anything because at the end you are NOBODY. Till the law will not recognize our status we are NOBODY without right and without the possibility to do anything. We don't EXIST !
We are italians but we are under discriminations, we are different because our partner is extracomunitarian. Thanks to our sentimental relationship we have to pay a control against the "illegal immigration" that is not working at all and we can see that.

They charge us, they suggest us to break our sentimental relationship, they offend our partner, they are looking us like crazy. They do that without any sort of education.
At the end we are and we feel ourself like human being that are just guilty to be in love with someone not recognized by the law, with someone that is dangerous for our frontier. Thise frontier that we have to protect because are keeping the normality !

All of that is not human at all! The hones and sincere sentimental relationship are not ruled by borders or frontiers, they have to be free and they hav to give to the people such ingredients that is very difficult to find in our society: the happiness and serenity.

To don't be recognized is making the sentimental relationship nervous because you feel yourself clandestine all the time. The few moments together are ruled by the stress with a sad source: we don't EXIST.
We are living with the calendar in hand with the hope to meet soon again. We are working all the time to find the way to be together and happy again.
During these meeting we are living a building a fake life: together in supermarket, managing the house, evening in front of TV or with friends. All of that knowing that in few days it will finish with another "Good Bye" in the airport. Since then it will start a long period where the only meetings are on telephon or on Internet.

The humiliations and injustice can kill the people but they can also make then stronger and stronger giving them the power to react. Every game has his own rules. These rules can be changed with the wish and the power to fight.
Let us count how much we are, let us see how much NOBODY we are, let us measure our power and our bravery. Let us give a strong signal that demonstrate to everybody that we exist.
We will beat our punch on the floor and we will propagate the wave everywhere passing the borders and frontier.
Who is tired will be back us. Who is tired will support us from the back giving us wisdome and experience.
The target is far, too far ma we cannot avoid to play the game. In this game we are playing to have democracy back. In this game we are fighting to have the respect for the human being and his feelings.

I am fighting because I love Tamara and because someone in the past told me that in Italy I am a free man.
Alessandro for Tamara
In viaggio per Tamara - The story of a fight for love and human rights