What to do to be with Tamara in Italy - The nightmare
And now step by step what we have to do to be together in Italy. This one is not a manual "how to ask a visa", for more information ask to the embassy in your country. Tamara is citizen of an extracomunitarian country so she need a visa to step inside Italy.
The visa is released by the Italian embassy in Serbia.
Here the procedure to ask a touristic visa:

  • To call the call center to fix the meeting to present all the document. The cost of call center is around 1 per min.
  • Usually they fix a meeting after 2/3 months and they are pushing you to call back again to try to anticipate it. Costs of other phone calls around 6-8.
  • To get the following documents:
  • Passport
  • Copies of all the previous visas
  • Certificate of proprierty of the house 10
  • Declaration of income salary or way on which she is living
  • Declaration of money availability for the Italy staying
  • Health insurance 80
  • My invitation letter with address of the house on which Tamara will live
  • Reservation of ticket flight
  • Meeting in embassy to present all the documents and payment of 35 (it will be 60 soon)  (70 km to go in Belgrade and 6 for the hyghway).
  • Interview in a close room with the embassy employe without the partner, in other words without witness.
  • After around 20 days she has to come back in embassy to keep if released the visa (again 70km and 6 for the highway). The visa usually is not released and the 35 are LOST!

The duration of the visa, the denial or the acceptance is TOTALLY on their DISCRETIONALITY and the decision doesn't have to be justify by the embassy !!

In Italy
  • Declaration in policestation of the Tamara local address
  • Request of "Permesso di Soggiorno" 4 hours in queue in Central Police Station
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