The rose and the sword strategy - the fight for freedom and human rights
Finally unveiled the Alessandro's Strategy: The strategy of the rose and the sword or pink-black strategy
The Book
The book "Without PACS" has been published. Inside true stories, including Alessandro and Tamara love story, of unwedded couples without rights. The authors are Federica Iannetti and Raffaella Ammirati, to whom goes all my appreciation.

Last success
Last success
The sword and the rose - The fight for freedom and human rights
The rose on left side where the heart is
The sword on right side .. I am not left handed !
In viaggio per Tamara - The story of a fight for love and human rights
The story of a fight for human rights - Honda Transalp
Lot of requests of explanations from Member of Parliament to Ministery of Foreign Affairs about Italian Embassies behaviour
Interrogazioni Parlamentari - Camera dei Deputati
La battaglia di una coppia mista - Lupo solitario