The story of a fight for human rights and for love.

Thanks to ...
Giovanni Maria Bellu because he started to publish our/my story on Metropoli/Repubblica

  • To senator  Giampaolo Silvestri because he was with us in Piazza Augusto Imperatore
  • Adele Parrillo LIFF Vice President because he was with me on 6. May
  • Fabrizio Marrazzo President of Arcigay Roma to spread my voice on the press
  • Davide Montanari - LIFF Communication Responsable
  • Alessandro Savoia (Xanderx) Tuttostranieri forum founder Tuttostranieri to support "people like us"
  • TA-ROMA group to be with me till the border of Rome. Thanks Ombromanto for the present I dressed it till the end of the trip !!
  • Daniela, Alfonso e Valentina to be with me since the beginning
  • Thanks to Sofia, my sister and Claudio for the perfect present to protect me against the rain during the trip (I NEEDED IT !!)
  • Thanks to Alessandro Di Lernia and Gabriele Piva owner of the GOODBIKE shop in via Taranto 85/87 Rome because of suggestions about the right equipment to dress during the trip
  • All the friend and supporters ... I was never alone !!
  • ... Paolo and Roberto ... because you were the first at the meeting !!

The story of a fight for love and human rights - THANK YOU
The fight for human rights - Thanks
... and my Transalp ... she never lefted me on the street !!
Thank you
In viaggio per Tamara - The story of a fight for love and human rights
The story of a fight for human rights - Honda Transalp