Extracomunitarian: what does it mean ?
A group of laws define the term "extracomunitarian" a person who is not citizen of the "European Union" (U.E.).
The European Union is formed by the following countries:

Since 1958:  Germany,  France,  Italy,  Nederland,  Belgium,  Luxemburg
Since 1973:  UK,  Irland,  Denmark
Since 1981:  Greece
Since 1986:  Spain,  Portugal
Since 1995:  Austria,  Finland,  Sweden
Since 2004:  Slovenia,  Czech Republic,  Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Latvia,  Lithuania,  Malta,  Ciprus
Since 2007: Rumenia, Bugaria

Some examples of Extracomunitarian Countries:

USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, Norwey, Serbia, Ukraina, Maroc, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Brasil, Mexico, Island, Perý ...
European Community
Some extracomunitarian people:

  • George W. Bush (USA President)
  • Bill Gates (USA)
  • The Pope switzerland guards
  • Akihito Emperor of Japan
  • Fidel Castro (Cuba)
  • Silvester Stallone (USA)
  • Woody Allen (USA)
  • Mel Gibson (USA)
  • John Travolta (USA)
  • Madonna (USA)
  • Maradona
  • Steven Spielberg (USA)
  • Maybe Leonardo da Vinci because he lived before the EU foundation
  • My Tamara! (Serbia)

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