The road: 1.300 Km in 2 days
The story of the fight for love and human rights

I started from Rome at 12:00.
I stopped 3 times for gasoline and food. On the Italian Border in Fernetti near Trieste, the italian police recognized me (from the RAI3 TV program) ... I received their "congratulations"!

I arrived in Lubiana (crossing the Schengen borders) at 21:00 and I slept in the Hotel near the highway. 6. May I was driving for 750 km on my Transalp.
The day after I left Lubiana at 6:40 and the first 100km I was driving in the fog with 30-50 mt. of visibility.
I will never forget the feeling! The fog disappeared after the Croatian border. I arrived in Serbia at 13:00 7. May.

I gave the red rose to Tamara kneeling before her ... like in the mediaeval times!
Italy - Serbia - The map of the journey for human rights
  • First day Roma->Lubiana 750Km
  • Second day Lubiana->Sremska Mitrovica 550 Km
The map - Crossing the Schengen borders with a motocycle and a red rose
In viaggio per Tamara - The story of a fight for love and human rights
The story of a fight for human rights - Honda Transalp
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